This is how I can help you


I offer psychotherapy in person or on Skype.

In my work, I use a combination of theories: attachment theory of John Bowlby, interpersonal reconstructive therapy of L.S. Benjamin, CBT, systemic family therapy of Henry Bowen, post-cognitivism of Vittorio Guidano, four points of balance of David Schnarch.

I also offer bereavement counseling.

I work with children, parents, couples.


quantum healing hypnosis

I use the Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique by  Dolores Cannon.

This has to be done in 1:1 session and in person and it can last up to 5 hours.

Please prepare 10 questions to bring to the session, the session itself will be lead by these.

I also use a technique called Higher Self Reconnection Hypnosis which is a technique that helps people to reconnect and realign with who they really are. I offer sessions with this technique in person and via Skype. This session last 2-3 hours.


I offer therapies in English and Italian and I’m happy to travel for the Quantum Healing sessions in London if the person can’t come to me for health reasons/anxiety. I also offer sessions in other parts of Europe if there are more than 3 requests from the same area.

The fee for an hypnosis in London is £130 per session, prices for sessions out of London depends on many factors and will be quoted on demand

Who can’t benefit from this kind of hypnosis:

I can’t offer quantum healing hypnosis to people that are deaf, have problems in expressing themselves, have a low IQ or dementia, have had episodes of Psychosis or Mania/hypomania and children under 16, people that suffer from epilepsy or have severe health issues, pregnant women.