“Cettina is great. She has a very calm spirit and a level of patience that I’ve never seen before. She takes her time and she truly hears you. I left her office with a great deal of hope and clarity. I would recommend her services to anyone.” Tali

“Cettina is a wonderful professional as much as a lovely sensitive person. I came to her with many questions about my life, future and health disorders and she helped me to find out the way to deal with them”  Simo Are

“A transformational experience” Cindy Pearce

“Eye opening experience” Tanya Andrews

“An amazing 2.5 hours and life-changing! Thank you so much Cettina.” Denise Hill

“Once the hypnosis begun, I went into an even deeper trance than I had in my first QHHT session a couple years ago. I guided me so naturally and effortlessly to exactly where my consciousness was supposed to explore – EVERY one of my questions were answered and I came out from under hypnosis with a newfound sense of clarity, a powerful healing, a heightened sense of purpose and a major shift in my consciousness!” Sama Amlashi

“I had my first session with no expectation and was completely blown away! I learnt things that help me understand myself as a person with so much depth. I also got an insight on what I could achieve in my future! Amazing experience! Thank you!” Asma Taj

“Cettina is the only person I trust and feel comfortable with in order to dig deeper and deeper discovering the deepest layers of who I am.” Aga Thomassen

“I had a QHHT today and it was amazing, it was my first time and I came with many doubts about how effective it would be, in other words, if it would work or not, and oh boy, it did marvellously! Cettina was very kind and asked for my background and helped me with rephrasing my questions in order to have clearer answers, she never rushed anything and when the time came she was able to have a real conversation with my higher self, she was always supportive rounding up the ideas and caring deeply for my feelings, she made me feel safe, time just went by and when we finished it was almost impossible to believe how effective is this technique. At the end we had a chat about how things went during the hypnosis and again, with her background she helped me to draw a plan to become a better me.” Maria Musso

“Concetta is a very warm person with huge knowledge of Psychology and Hypnosis. She can spend many hours with a patient as her aim is to cure him/her. She has many years of experience in her field and a lot of successes in her career. She is using knowledge from Psychology along with the hypnosis, giving to patient the best of both worlds. Would I recommend her? Definitely YES!” Greg Wisniewski